Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hitman’s Secret Baby By McKenzie Lewis

Hitman’s Secret BabyHitman’s Secret Baby by McKenzie Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book I received from the author as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

*WARNING: spoiler alert*

The story was a bit angsty for my taste but I was very excited to get approached by an author to do an ARC that of course I accepted XD

- I liked both the hero and the heroine. Ok I admit the move the hero made was a really shitty move but I understand where he's coming from but I can't imagine staying away for 10 years I would at least just inform my loved ones that I still love but keep it a secret from the rest (but you know what they say it's cant be a secret when more than one person knows about it so maybe that's also a reason why he didn't tell anyone)

- The heroine was very understanding I liked how she would back up the hero when she knows he's right but I hated the fact that she kinda kept some distance like keeping the daughter away

- I hated the fact that the people around the hero were tempting her with the current life and then the next second they are sending him back to the previous one when they are the same people who fought with him about them.

- I almost cried at the end when it came to the hero and his situation.

- I loved the epilogue it showed how the hero became a part of their every day lives but I would have liked to see how he got to know his daughter or her reaction when they got introduced to each other.

Overall, *thumps up*

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The Score (Off-Campus, #3) By Elle Kennedy

The Score (Off-Campus, #3)The Score by Elle Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For this book it took me sometime to start because I felt it might give a bit of an angsty feeling since the hero is a well known manwhore XD that's why I thought there might be complications and misunderstandings which are factors I hate in books. Even after I got my hands on the book I still hesitated till I finally gathered my gumption XD

- I liked the hero and the heroine but especially the hero but not because of the same reasons girls in the book like him but because he's actually smart but pretends that he's not, he's a great and loyal friend to have, and he's fun to be and have around.

- I liked the heroine because she was spunky but her hesitation when it comes to her ex kinda pissed me off

- I liked the parts of the story where the hero was with his friends and the kids ok especially with the kids that was definitely cute ^^

- I liked how the hero played the nonchalant fun guy but he was patient and tolerant and just plain amazing XD

- I liked the scenes with Winsten XD especially when Logan first saw him XD

- I teared up about the Beau thing since he's been with us since book 1 and I hated how the hero tried to adapt to it and the way the heroine made him face the facts was a wake up call he certainly needed

- I kinda liked the heroine's dad he was gruff and all that and he also stereotyped the hero as a spoiled rich boy but at the end he in a way acknowledged him XD

- I wished like the last book this one had an epilogue too

Overall, *thumps up*

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Koishi (GateKeepers, #1) By Annie Nicholas

Koishi (GateKeepers, #1)Koishi by Annie Nicholas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok I'm gonna admit that the first thing that attracted me to this book was the Japanese name as a title since I have a kind of crush on anything Japanese XD but after reading the summary of this book I'm attracted to it more and more

- I liked the heroine and her intense determination to do what she must and it shows that she's a woman with a strong backbone for doing what she did ^^

- The hero was kinda cute XD he's always playing jokes since he has lived like forever and with nothing new to do

- I liked the pull the hero felt for the heroine and how he couldn't stay away oh and it was the best when he was always so protective of her XD

- I liked all the things the hero did for the heroine his actions were so cute XD

Overall, *thumps up*

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ride Hard (Raven Riders, #1) By Laura Kaye

Ride Hard (Raven Riders, #1)Ride Hard by Laura Kaye
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read only couple of books by this author which were in the Hearts in Darkness series which so awesome and everyone should read them.

So I've been looking around for an MC book without anything too deep into the illegal area and this one was perfect.

- I loved the hero and the heroine, especially how the heroine was all innocent and naive and scared but the under the care of those gruff bikers she blossomed and started to develop and she became more open

- I loved the reaction the hero had the moment he laid eyes on the heroine, I always like that gut reaction when the guy actually freezes for a moment to take her in, and especially when the heroine isn't the model type or she no self confidence in the looks area but he loves all her innocence and naïveté and warmness XD

- I understood where the hero was coming from with keeping his distance from the heroine but I was supporting the relationship from the get go.

- I loved how the hero got closer and closer to the heroine and how they were always just so perfect with each other and those 15 years difference between them don't even show XD

- Let me just saw I hated the heroine's dad the more I heard about her past and what he did the more I wanted to kill him.

- I loved the relationship and deep friendship between the heroine and her best friend and that last scene between the both of them made me cry.

- The ending was cute I just wished that there was an epilogue

Overall, *thumps up*

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His Royal Princess (Billionaire Boys Club, #3.5) By Jessica Clare

His Royal Princess (Billionaire Boys Club, #3.5)His Royal Princess by Jessica Clare
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok I was a bit late in reading this since I loved the book in the series that was a sequel to this story with Griffin and his blond XD

- This story is about the princess and the Hollywood actor who marries in the series but here we witness their courtship XD

- The heroine had a fan crush on the actor so she wanted to see him in person and when she does he mistakes her for an escort so when the next day the truth comes out who she really is he burst his gut laughing XD

- Ok here she gets close to him and he feels a kinship to her and the Sparks starts flying

- The only thing that kinda almost ruined the whole thing when the heroine though that the hero didn't actually like her but acted like it

- I liked how the hero was so attracted to the heroine and how he was so all over her in a way whenever they were alone and vice versa

- I liked the time when he stayed at the castle XD

Overall, *thumps up*

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Hell's Kitty (Welcome to Hell, #4) By Eve Langlais

Hell's Kitty (Welcome to Hell, #4)Hell's Kitty by Eve Langlais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok the hero was introduced in the first book and the heroine is a first timer for us but I didn't expect to like them both

- The heroine I kinda did expect since she was so cute and naive and innocent since the beginning the hero thought first his only redeeming quality was his loyalty and love for his adopted mother

- I liked how the hero made the heroine feel so appreciated and beautiful

- The heroine's aunt were cool and her mom a bitch

- I hated the heroine's mom and the mysterious dad didn't show up and we didn't get any hint of who he is until the last minute when he showed himself XD and I have to admit having a second heroine who didn't know who her father was this time the dad was cool the previous time not so much

- Throughout this series Lucifer hands down is my favorite character he's just so funny especially when he's with Mother Earth XD

Overall, *thumps up*

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Date with Death (Welcome to Hell, #2.5) By Eve Langlais

Date with Death (Welcome to Hell, #2.5)Date with Death by Eve Langlais
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This one was kinda cute and funny XD

Ok here is how it started of it: A woman goes and preform a spell and she was supposed to die that's why the grim reaper who is our hero here shows up waiting to take her soul but she ended up being able I SEE the reaper before she even dies and that's why she doesn't

- And after the whole first meeting fiasco the heroine asks the reaper To a dinner date XD which is kinda like a cool move XD

- So it transforms from the heroine dying and the hero taking her soul to a series of dates since they are hot for each other and all that

- And of course Lucifer is the one who instigated all of that XD our resident hell matchmaker

- The ending was awesome when the heroine kinda throws her dad to the side and goes to the hero

Overall, *thumps up*

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